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Meeb - having lived AND worked there, I have first hand experience of the influence the Wee Frees have over the islanders in Lewis.
You will note that all the public opposition to the Sunday flight and Ferry services has been exclusively voiced by senior or influential members of the Wee Free churches, not a single opinion of the ordinary islander has been publicly aired.
This is because the Wee Frees are terrified that they will lose their dictatorial grip, which I am pleased to say, is being rapidly eroded.
It is refreshing to see that the residents of Lewis and Harris are being allowed to exercise their right to freedom of choice, to do what they want on a Sunday, be it go to church, go for a walk, or catch a plane.

The facts are that this part of the Western Isles will not lose it's charm and unique environment simply because they've now joined the real world, in fact, commercially, I don't think it will make that much difference. What it may mean, is that the area will not lose it's best youngsters who seek better educational and infinately better career oportunities to the mainland.

Those retailers who want to open up and sell Sunday papers will do so, they'll be well patronised, and even if they and their customers are given the cold shoulder by the church, I guess they learn to live with it.

The Wee Frees and other such intolerant religous organisations should concentrate on adapting themselves to a changing world, and perhaps look at the mess in their own back yards before dictating to others as to what they can or cannot do.
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