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NZ Formation aeros practice. One Harvard cuts the tail off another. Next option for the tail-less? None. 1 dead.

Lets say he was at the legal minimum for aerobatics of 3000ft AGL, with no tail i can assume said aircraft was in a pretty steep descent which would mean they might have had maybe 20 seconds to get out and inflate the chute, chute wouldnt have made a difference
Not necessarily. How about a skyraider chopping a mustang up at 800ft - and a successful bailout - it didn't chop the tail off entirely, but severed the elevator cables.

Video: Incredible Piloting Skills After Midair Collision | Autopia |

Glider pilot gets flung thru the canopy in a violent thermal after removing straps to adjust instrument. Next option... pull ripcord. 1 lives to tell the tale.

What the?? That man deserves a Darwin award, sounds like a urban myth to me
No myth, but positively darwinian:

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