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Hi All,
I’m not surprised about the happening……
I’ve been working in this environment for a long while, and I truly believe this is unfortunately nothing to be surprised at all…….
The decision taken from VAC headquarters is strictly political, as usual….
Expats are not well seen in Vietnam Airlines.
It’s the usual power play….as they always do with roostering (expats always get worse destinations, or are called anytime as soon as the weather turns to bad or anytime locals don’t like to fly ‘cos are playing volleyball, tennis or whatever…).
This time, ridiculously, they’re trying to show that something happened on an expat flight….even if clearly nothing really happened…..
That crew didn’t do anything wrong…..they operated following Viet Air FOM (assessing that the max vs < 2000 ft AGL is 2000 ft/min ), Airbus and Vietnam Airlines SOP and ATC (requiring not to overfly the city…).
The GPWS alert was triggered for less than 3 sec while overflying an small obstacle, around 2500 ft above it, clearly in sight…..
To me there’s nothing wrong…moreover, checking the QAR datas it looks like to be a pretty well done one!
But still the management of the airline is trying hard to find something wrong…..even denying what Airbus says on QRH concerning GPWS alerts and how to react.
They just prefer to lie instead than loosing face while playing these ridiculous power games!!!!
This wouldn't happen to any local guy.
A strange game that is costing 10 days of suspension/salary to the crew….
Strange is that no one knows anything about any “episode” happening from time to time to local pilots…… Everything hidden……….

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