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KAL Foreign Pilots treatment

There has been enough WARNINGS about this charade airline and people still continue to test their luck....


Recruits have not a chance to succeed because they are not welcome by the locals and at this time they have control and say of who passes and who fails. Unfortunately the checkers are not as professional as they think they are...they don't care if you are a good pilot...they are just evil and racists! Yes they are.

You are solo in this venture, nobody can do anything to help you.

And look at the expat guy in the office that just did a runner, the guy with a belly as big as his ego, pretending to help and care for the foreigners... what a HYP-O-CRITE. I hope KAL follows him to Seattle and torpedo him as I heard his disappearing act was of poor taste and left a credit card tab behind for KAL to take care of. I thought Boeing would screen their candidates better.

Do we need to say more?
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