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Windhoek / Maun end of 2011

Hey All

My very first post!! ....well, after 8 years behind a desk saving and at 29, finally got my SA CPL/IR... Been on the CPL scene now for 3 months and iv'e watched most of my fellow class mates from flight school pass through Namibia and Bots over the years with great interest and a burning desire to fly in the bush. most of them have moved onto bigger things now.

But non the less, massive amounts of reading, both on Avcom, PPRuNe, ******** and facebooking for advice covered all my questions that ive had for the last couple of years.

lilflyboy262 - great job with the initial coloumn to this thread, I take my hat off to you.....

from all the research and contacting people, it "seems" that Namibia is more strict on the work visa and granting interviews to local citizens than what Bots is.... if anyone could kindly comment on this id appreciate it... it just seems that way from my side. Had a chat to a couple of guys over in Nam, and it is a very real threat... the companies that responded to my mails made it very clear that foreign CV's will be filed for 6 months until the pool of locals dry up, interviews till then will not be granted. which is fair enough. - this was 2 days ago.

Anyway, im going to make the big trip at the end of October, and try and stick it out as long as i financially can. CPT-WHK-MAUN.

just one quick question to anyone that can shed some light on this.
I plan to take intercape bus from CPT-WHK. will one have to travel by bus back into SA, then on to JHB to Gabs to eventually get into maun... or is there a direct bus/train from WHK to Maun.. tried looking at trains as well but i cannot find updated schedules, intervals and pricing.

Im so psyched for the end of year season, and i really hope to meet most of you in the camps over a few beers.

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