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Capt Dart

I am not sure that AP is posting financial advice, as much as his view.

We all have views on what is going to happen in the next 20 years, whether or not we actually realise it. We use those views to do things like choose our fidelity allocations.

Some (perhaps most) believe that tomorrow will be the same as today, ad infinitum. Others believe that there will be increased growth, yet others think there will be some significant issues, economically speaking.

If you have a good strong look at say the last 300 years, you will see that economies and currencies ebb and flow, with significant booms and upsets every so often. Most of these upsets occur after a prolonged period of currency manipulation by governments; conversly, periods of stability follow times when currencies have been strong and stable (read not "fiat").

In the past it was considered good housekeeping to prepare for disasters, whether they are floods or famine.

I think AP is merely giving you his view that the time for some preparation has arrived again.

That's his view. You need to make your own.
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