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Air Profit . . .

...hopefully i'm wrong...but 20 years of market study convince me that the sky really is about to fall.
In order to achieve a higher reality level you may want to expand your market studies to encompass the last 70 years, with emphasis on WWII when the entire productive capacity of many nations was consumed in military weapons and logistics; when infrastructures were destroyed and when millions of displaced persons were foraging for food and shelter; . . .when superpower USA's debt was a whopping 109% of GDP!

Once you are able to digest this global calamity, then you may acquire some balance in your doomsday prognosis. In comparison, the WWII financial meltdown makes today's global recession appear rather tame. Note how quickly Europe and Japan had rebuilt their infrastructures and economies after near total destruction.

Do you think that people will suddenly stop eating imported Australian beef? Will people stop buying made-in China toys for their kids? Will women stop buying imported roses from Kenya? Will YOU stop living...?
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