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Reading the news, it appears Cathay also joined in the game.. Interesting!
Ray, what game are they joining? Ordering -8F's? That's old news, unless you suggesting that Cathay is now joining the game of refusing deliveries. The only thing FlightGlobal mentions is that Cathay is sticking to delivery in October.
Lufty Cargo took the first one.
Flight international or the Lufty inflight magazine if you can be bothered to look...
Say again s l o w l y is confusing several things here. 1) The first Lufthansa pax version hasn't been delivered yet and is due for delivery early next year. 2) They never ordered the -8F. Let's not start confusing the -8F and the -8i. And 3) yes, that posted picture is of a DLH -400 in all her glory, not an -8i!

Could we please stick to the thread which is about refused -8F deliveries?
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