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What is going on in KAL Airbus sector?

Dear Ppruners,
I want to share my shocking experience in KAL few months ago.
First of all I want to clarify that I donít consider myself an above average Captain. Letís assume that Iím average. So what follows it is not an attempt to justify my ďfailureĒ.
Everything in my training went ok except for the length of the course, which was very slow, until my first recommendation check.
I thought it was ok but the korean examiner told me I wasn't ready yet so I had to pass through some additional training, which I did, and finally I passed my second recommendation flight.
The last check with MLTM was a no event flight, I mean everything was fine, uneventful. After parking the plane at the end of the flight the MLTM examiner and the KAL instructor, that until that moment were very friendly and easy, became suddenly angry and awkward and told me that I did fail the check and I need some more training.
From that moment I knew it was a setup. A board followed and they stated that I was finished because after two failures it is over.
4 months of physically, mentally and psychologically (couldnít never visit my family) hard work done by me and many good KAL people who did a great job, sent to hell only because of 2 or 3 characters that maybe had some personal or union reason to spoil everything up.
This is happening only on the Airbus sector. As far as I know the only A330 Cpt who started 1 month before me received the same treatment, also the other Cpt who joined with me and also 2 of the 3 A 330 Cpt who started the course 1 month after me. 5 A330 Cpt out of 6 received the same treatment in three months.
I cannot do anything about it because all the check forms are reporting the reasons for the failures but are written in korean and probably are reporting not real events.

KAL is a good place to stay, but be aware of wild cards, there are many.

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