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I'm sorry, but what happened to actually using your eyesight to identify the difference between the two knobs? Yes they are close to each other but one is notably larger. It is also in the centre rear of the console with a big black line running through it. Boeing intuitively marked this with large white italics. The word "R U D D E R", or something like that, are labelled on it. This guy also had 2400hrs of experience. Albeit it doesn't tell us how much 737 time he or she has, I kinda presume that they have some level of gumption? Plus he or she must have really deflected that rudder trim knob. It takes some time and I imagine quite a lot of deflection would be required in order to make the aircraft want to perform aerobatics. There is also a notable difference between the way the two switches behave. The door unlock switch has a notable and immediate stop on it. I'm sorry, but I just don't get this one. Neither do I put it down to poor ergonomics. Probably more to do with not bloody looking!
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