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Commuting Transportation

I've been walking to the local train station and getting the train into London for my entire career (over 15 years) to date. I don't really mind the commute as it only takes me 45 mins, and I get a chance to read the paper cover to cover in the morning, and have a cold beer and a listen to my iPod on the way home

My company has recently suggested I could work from a local office to me, which would mean my "commute" becomes a very easy 10 min drive, or 30 min cycle in the summer.

We have a lovely "family" car, and I would need to purchase a reliable commuter vehicle. People have suggested a 125cc Honda scooter, and also a SMART car. I saw an advert today for an electric powered Mitsubishi car.

Does anyone have any recommendaitons for a good vehicle to travel about 8 miles each way along 30/40mph roads? I'm not too keen on the scooter suggestion, and the electric car is over 23k new, so it would actually cost me a LOT more when compared to the cost of my season ticket!
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