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Albert Driver
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Referring to the wider discussion:

What this site has now to decide is whether it wishes to continue to repel the serious, the highly experienced, the knowledgeable, the well-connected pilots and other aviation expects who have added so much to threads such those on the Vulcan, Concorde etc in the past and want nothing whatever to do with the ignorant tittle-tattle now spamming the site.

If PPRuNe wishes to be just another social media site where anyone can say anything that's fine. But don't expect answers to serious aviation questions from those in a position to give insightful replies. They will have gone.

Until Saturday there were just two places here where serious discussions could be held without adolescent ignorant comments: Military Aircrew and Technical. Now there is only Tech.

Of the best part of two thousand pilots of the Hamble Generation only a handful now bother to contribute here.

Time for a fundamental review of what this site is for.

Otherwise simply rename the whole thing JetBlast - because that is where it's going.
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