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Turkish Airlines Wing Incident odd Plane swap

A THY Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800, registration TC-JFL performing flight TK-3986 from Istanbul (Turkey) to Mogadishu (Somalia), was landing in Somalia when the crew noticed a dog on the runway and steered the airplane to the right edge of the runway to avoid the dog, however, a wing struck vegetation near the runway and received multiple dents to the leading edge of the wing about 2-3 meters from the wing tip as well as damage to the wing tip/winglet. The aircraft slowed without further incident and taxied to the apron.

The airplane, which was carrying Turkey's Prime Minister, was taken out of service. A replacement Airbus A340-300 registration TC-JII has been dispatched to Mogadishu as flight TK-3996.

Any idea why the swap a 738 with an A343?
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