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"Given 12hrs notice of a hijacked 747 coming from Los Angeles to plough into the Americas Cup village, NZ could do nothing."

OK, so if the A4s were still operational and manage to intercept a 747 descending on Auckland at mach 0.9.(??) at say 100 miles.

Assuming the hijackers ignore all their warnings , what next......

I find it hard to believe a NZ Govt of any flavour would authorise the shooting down of a 747 full of civilians and I don,t think I would want them to.

The only credible defence on 11/9/01 was mounted by some passengers...... all now deceased.

Much as I would like to see us maintain a strike force I can't see them shooting down a airliner full of civilians to keep us safe as a reason for their exiistance.

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