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The best sales people don't sell, they teach their client to sell himself. I make my point that the responsibility lies with the Line to incorporate all new equipment into the culture that exists. As you say, the ultimate responsibility is with the Line; not even pilots need to step up any longer, should they memorize the SOPS well enough.

Can there have been a blunder at AF large enough to potentiate these outcomes? If as you say the monopoly was Binary, and strictly American, Airbus had to supply something competitive, Another Banana is just another Banana.

It is not for want of a reason "new" is attractive. Was it oversold? Or was it merely undersupported, and then neglected, left to achieve its marketing claims, or not, In the vacuum of false confidence?

Sometimes in "Anticipating", and selling (FBW), what turns out to be an evolutionary trend in the long haul, means rushing technology? And if not a rush to technology, then a rush to new crew capabilities? Some disciplines are not well served by "hurry". Fast, yes, not Hurry.....


I cannot attest to the accuracy of the CVR timetable. A STALLSTA.... takes longer than .6 seconds, and recognizing it, processing one's awareness of it, forming a question, and speaking must mean the PF started his "What was that" perhaps before, the Warning.

In any case, is it not possible that the PF was vocal in re: something that happened before the STALL Warn chirp, and that they "coincided"? Perhaps the focus of his remark something that may have preceded the WARNING? That is a pretty well packed 1/2 second, NO?
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