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Whats happening is when I'm coming into the hold off I'm pulling back to far and at times stalling the aircraft just before landing,
Perfect! A great, consistent landing will result when you do this just inches above the runway. It's easier when you've lot's of length ahead of you, so you're not worried about stopping. (having to stop can be distracting to a greaser landing). If you have a good stall underway as you touch (warning horn for sure) you've a good chance of a no bounce landing, as the wing has no lift anymore. You'll also find that the plane will slow down quite nicely. You don't have to be on the ground, and on the brakes, to slow down for the first bit.

Sure, it's possible to stall, and drop on, or to fly on with too much speed, we all still do it from time to time. Don't worry about it. Every now and again, you'll touch down so smoothly that you'll have to roll the wings a bit to find out that you're on the runway, 'cause you did not feel touching down at all.

Keep trying, it'll come to you....
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