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All good advice here, a couple more points:
  • You do need to learn technique, but as you gain experience, it is to some extent like riding a bike: you can't quite say how you do it, but it becomes more instinctive and less of a cerubral activity that you have to think through as you do it.
  • For most people, there's no blinding light, no flash of inspiration when it suddenly clicks. Or it seems to click and then a bit later it all goes to pot again. It just gradually gets better, but with good advice and technique this happens quicker.
  • If it's any consolation, Nigel Everett, ex-RAF and author of the very-readable "Beyond the PPL" writes that it took him 1,000 hours to get consistently good touch-downs!
Edit to add: as stik says, you've no idea of the provenance of advice here. Food for thought here, but reliable advice comes from instructors, not anonymous forum posters.
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