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I'm back flying tomorrow and I'm going to try harder with looking ahead, I also want to try flying along the runway a little longer and see how I get on
Don't fly further down the runway, and for gawds sake don't leave any power on. If your instructor is any good they won't be very happy with that.

You will be flaring to high and leveling off instead of continuing to decend until impact

There is nothing wrong as such with pitching back until the stall warner goes off or it stalls its just that your too high above the runway when you do it.

Genghis suggestion of spotting the landing attitude is correct. Then all you have to do is work on getting it close enough to the runway.

BTW if you using the PAPI's that will be half your problem because the approach angle will be all wrong, way to shallow and any extra speed won't do you any favours either because it will just make the plane level off or ballon with the power off and a landing attitude. Trick is the keep decending all the time while pitching back until you get to the landing attitude just as the wheels touch the deck.
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