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If I remember correctly, the RAF's F4's were from three routes. The first were F4M's, direct to the RAF, the second were F4K's, originally intended for the RN's second carrier, but diverted to the RAF when that was cancelled.

The third route was from the RN when the Ark Royal was finally decommissioned.

As you say the F4M had a purely manual wing fold, the F4K's were a mix of pilot controlled folding, (the switch was under a large guard situated at the rear of the RH cockpit side panel. When the guard was raised to access the switch, a cable operated the lock), or ground crew controlled, via a switch in the wheel well. On these the lock pin was screwed in manually as on the F4M's. These are probably the ones DBP remembers.

Thankfully I never worked on the F4M, so never had to do a manual wingfold!

Another 'throwback' to the Navy days was the noseleg extension. Controlled from a switch in the MLG bay, the nose leg would extend about 24 inches for carrier take off. AFAIK, there was NO facility to reverse this, the 'shrinking' being part of the retraction sequence. I think this had been removed before I got to 43 in '81.
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