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I was on exchange with the USN 78/81. I used to visit McDonnell Douglas in St Louis every 6-8 weeks to work on AV-8B/F-18 cockpit systems integration.

The F-4 production line was reaching it's end and the McD engineers used to take great delight in showing us Greek and Turkish F-4's, next to each other on the production line. In fact, they used to say that every morning they had to adjust the aircraft back into line, as overnight they had started to point towards each other!

Either way, McD would win, no matter who won!!

Great business position.

Great aircraft - great company!

Sadly no longer an independent company, and a terrific warfighting aircraft is now assigned to history. Along with many others.

Never flew it myself, but would have loved to.

It looked aggressive and right!
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