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Hi Confiture,
Originally Posted by CONF iture
No takata, we're not talking after but before !
What was the issue on the FDs before ... ?
Thank you for attracting my attention on this point. It seemed normal to me and no, BEA would not comment something "normal" without good reasons to do so.

Nonetheless, the fact that FDs were not turned off attracted also their attention in order to find what kind of indications could the bars have displayed on PFDs. There is a discussion on it and they are trying to reconstruct everything displayed for analysis. So, I don't think that there is any sort of conspiracy about that, don't you agree?

I really believe that BEA investigators are trying their best as to verify everything, but it takes time, as you know as well, to investigate every single bit of data. You should drop off this attitude of conspiracy as it won't help families or pilots to continue this way by discrediting them constantly.
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