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Gums and JD-EE

Asymeteric Thrust

Other old(er) Dinosaurs than Gums might recall that the HP42's top two engines needed careful handling on the ground. The tail wheel could lift, unexpectedly.

JD-EE reminds us that asymetric thrust is not only what we practice when one engine is shut down. TWO (or more) Underslung engines have a pitch effect.

( Would that be equal to 4 units of NU trim ? I have no way of telling as my armchair is uncalibrated. I am sure that the answer is "...It depends...")

Takata noticed a small improvement in the recovery from the stall when the power was reduced, all too briefly - and then, sadly, it was restored.

What would I have done as PF ? I have not had the luxury of time to think, to change my mind from climbing with full thrust, to pitching nose down. Closing down BOTH engines to flight idle might be the right thing to do - but would FEEL very wrong. Descending at night through a Cb without any clear Airspeed...I know that my Penetration speed should be between 240 and 260 kts, but how can I tell... I must try to keep my wings fairly level if I can...

Perhaps.... it is as well that my armchair does not feel overloaded, too!
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