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van Horck, it would be nice if Tim Vasquez updated his graphics and analysis again, given the additional information in the Third Interim Report. e.g., the turbulence trace, and the sound of ice crystals.

The contrast between what the crew flying AF447 did at SALPU and ORARO and what the crew of AF 459 (35 minutes behind) did is striking. In essence, the crew of AF 447 thought they could ride near or at the top of the clouds, and never gave a second thought to the presence of Cbs, even though they were specifically cautioned about such.

For the lawyers seeking damages, their inattention and complacency is the equivalent of finding a vein of gold with the first dig of a shovel.

Reading between the lines, even the BEA seems at a loss to explain it. It will be interesting to see if the BEA can determine how many of the captain's and PF's rotations to South America occurred on flights through an active ITCZ.
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