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Originally Posted by PJ2
I fought very hard when active, to retain the authority to hand-fly the aircraft but lost the fight when the FCOM was revised to require engagement of the autoflight system "from just after takeoff to touchdown".
You must be talking about the SOP part of the FCOM which is adapted to the need and will of each Airline.
But thanks GOD, most still apply commun sense.

A33Zab : Can anyone explain this?

Very bizarre - Not a word on it in the last interim report ... !?

For the last minute (and probably much more ?) before and up to the UAS, there seemed to have continuous and repetitive 'automatic' switching between V/S mode and some other vertical mode (?) Was it a kind of reversion transparant to the crew ?

Selected v/s was nothing else than -5000 ft/min ...

What is the consequence on the initial climb ?
What is the consequence on the LOC ?

That thing is not minor, and must be addressed - Anything to do with the WRG message ?
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