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AF447 used this system and when Captain (no name please) took his rest:
- Pilot Flying (PF), being the pilot in charge (PIC), was the 32 years old F/O and was seated in RHS (Co-pilot seat in CVR/DFDR table).
- Pilot Non Flying (PNF) was the 37 years old F/O and was seated in LHS (Captain seat in CVR/DFDR table
I get more and more confused. Could we agree whether the following was true?

1. The officer who was resting prior to 2am was F/O 37.

2. The officer who 'wasn't sleepy' was F/O 32, who has also been PF from Rio.

3. The Captain woke F/O 37 and said (to F/O 32) that the older officer was to 'take my place'. By this he meant F/O 37 was to sit in the LHS, not to be PIC.

4. The Captain asked F/O 32 if he was certified, presumably to be PIC from the RHS. Presumably this question had not arisen on the outward leg.
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