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Hi VGCM66,
Originally Posted by VGCM66
It was already said by the BEA, there was nothing wrong with the plane and IMHO the same can't be said about the PF. I was under the impression (and for more than two years) until reading the third interim report by the BEA in English, that the younger co-pilot (relief pilot) was the PF.
One day, considering that final BEA report will not be published before next year (1st semester 2012), we'll have to make a FAQ about this thread for "First Timers" who seems to be lost in BEA reports translation... but, believe me, I understand perfectly the issue.

So, lets go for one more explanation:

1. "Relief" pilot, in Air France terminology, means "co-pilot (F/O) acting as Captain"; hence, he is the pilot in charge (PIC) when the captain is resting. It is not the same meaning than "limited duty officer", for "relief" at cruise, like many other companies are calling it.

2. Air France longhaul crews are composed of the "commandant de bord" (captain) and two fully qualified co-pilots (F/Os) having the exact same rank (whatever their age).

3. When captain is leaving the deck, he should decide whilch one of his two F/Os will be the pilot in charge (PIC) during his rest.

4. The officer designated as PIC must be the pilot flying (PF) during his rest. (this part was changed after AF447)

AF447 used this system and when Captain (no name please) took his rest:
- Pilot Flying (PF), being the pilot in charge (PIC), was the 32 years old F/O and was seated in RHS (Co-pilot seat in CVR/DFDR table).
- Pilot Non Flying (PNF) was the 37 years old F/O and was seated in LHS (Captain seat in CVR/DFDR table)

Quite disturbing, isn't it?

All along this thread, we are refering to the, Captain, PF (RHS) and PNF (LHS) as at 02:10UTC. But at some point, PNF could be the one flying the aircraft !
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