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Forgive my ignorance of French please, but is there different language used in French for "Pitching" up/down vs "climbing/descending"? The use of phrases such as "you're going up" and "you're going down", sounds (in the transcript) to me to have added to confusion.
Pitching up is "cabrer".

The PF uses this, at one point:
2 h 13 min 40
PF: Mais je suis fond cabrer depuis tout lheure
But I'm nose up to the limit since earlier

And then again 2:14:05.

Pitching nose down would be "piquer"

It also struck me how (with the few exceptions just noted), neither PF nor PNF, nor the CDB once he returns, ever speaks of pitching up or pitching down. They constantly speak of going up and going down.
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