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Basic flight instruction and training

I know this is simplistic, but I'm not sure many here are aware of some of these fundamentals.
Knowing what to do and demonstrating that you can do it are two different things.
I think there is a basic mis-understanding of what flight training is all about.
Following a pilot's initial training in any aircraft, in upgrading to a commercial airplane there is a series of stages. From basic flight to specific maneuvers visually and under instruments.
Assume the basics are known and understood. Push forward go down, pull back go up etc.
Whenever a training/simulator session is set up, the rules are understood. Altitude: 100 feet plus or minus. Heading: plus or minus 10 degree. Airspeed: plus or minus 10 kts.
Whatever procedure is being attempted, these criteria must be adhered to. It requires extreme focus, and development of feel and touch.
In dealing with an emergency, whether a fire, loss of engine or anything less, it then requires coordination to handle each one. If the pilot flying tries to deal with the procedure, it is not possible to read and follow the checklist at the same time.
The proper protocol is to hand off the flying to the other pilot who is them responsible for keeping the plane under the foregoing limits, while the pilot reading the checklists assures that each component complies.
But well before this, while knowing what these limit critieria are, a pilot must be able to demonstrate a capability of doing so.
Knowing what the plane can/should do is different than doing it and demonstrating it.
Without ever handling a plane/simulator it is not possible to accomplish any of this the first time out. Let alone in a real life situation, with turbulence and stress.
Here, with many different laws and conditions without hands on training in each phase, successful flight is literally impossible, as we are seeing in this last 4 minutes.
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