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Third time, first timer,

It was already said by the BEA, there was nothing wrong with the plane and IMHO the same can't be said about the PF. I was under the impression (and for more than two years) until reading the third interim report by the BEA in English, that the younger co-pilot (relief pilot) was the PF. But it never added up completely because, why experience didn't prevail? It did. Also, I couldn't understand why the most experienced co-pilot was screaming for the Captain to return? He didn't, it was the younger one and PNF. It is funny (Life likes that) that the Captain asked if the co-pilot (First Officer) had a pilot license online. This was omitted in the Interim Report #3 for some reason, I think, I can't find it.

FO: But Iíve been at maxi
nose-up for a while = He has been wrong far too long.
Cap: No no no donít climb = Right but too late. Around under 4000 ft to impact too late.

Relief Pilot: So go down = Yes, but too late and not for long.

I got the complete picture now. I do not see how can we find the mark of a pilot before he/she goes under a real fire event. All the bells, whistles and gadgets won't work if no one pays attention to them or worst yet, decides to disregard them.
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