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Well said. Much food for thought - enough to write a book, rather than a post, on current automation, the human/machine interface and line pilot airmanship standards/training. As you say re: FCOM......

Not the time/place for F/Os 32 & 37 to suddenly do their FLT350 hand flying training, under AB alternate law in UAS conditions in that part of the circadian rhythm over the ITCZ, but the CRM shortcomings now disclosed really didn't help matters. The PF tossed his coin, called heads (overspeed) rather than tails (stall), the PNF missed his opportunity early on to reach the right conclusion (I don't like the entire SS concept, but that's my prejudices and I won't impose them upon others) and the CPT never appeared to remotely catch-up with his plane in the apparent absence of any meaningful coherent reporting from his co-pilots as to what had already transpired.

All very sad, over in minutes, but a very long time being made by the industry......

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