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Question Kirton to close, Scampton now staying open and expand!

Just heard from a source at Scampton that the new plan (AL 577)is for all at Scampton to dig their heels in and stay there! Not only that but a friendly ATC bod told me that they are planning to move TAC ATC and their STANEVAL team to the site. But that the compromise will be funded by closing Kirton completely. I know the Reds have never been keen on moving to Waddo and that the CRC would cost a fortune to replicate somewhere else so the decision has been made to stay put - one problem though, the Minister has already committed to its clousure!!

I can see the point of closing Kirton but of course there is no money to replicate all of its functions down at Kirton (Officers' Mess, JRM and accom, Range, Dental Centre, Fuel Pumps, MTMS etc). So my question is does anyone know if money will be found for this or will it just be a lot of driving up at down to an already streched Waddo or Cranditz to try to use their facilities. Also isnt half of the patch at Scampton filled with Waddo personnnel anyway, where will they go once they close the Kirton patch?
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