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There are, however, a couple of things that confuses me: how is it going to give away its fuel when in AAR role? how much can it carry in the AT role? Or, have you decided that that was not such a clever idea after all?
The drogue installation would be permanent. The concept has a large fuel capacity that can be used for increasing range or for transferring it to e.g. other MPAs/ helicopters depending on mission requirements.

All sorts of very clever dudes (in different league to you or I) have expended vast amounts of energy and money looking into this sort of stuff..and (unlike you or I) have put their professional reputations on the line by making a decision.
Sorry I'm not from the militairy AND from the Netherlands. That gives me weak respect for authorities and allergy for directions solely based on ranks.

Then we have still have to address open ocean ASW and long range surface surveillance....um how about 10 or so Nimrods..?
Still, why would those of us with thousands of flying hours on MPA know what's needed, compared to the average Joe walking in off the street who likes playing with photoshop?
All the decades of global experience and knowledge let to totally missing out on what was really important. To much looking back / respect/ sticking to mantras and too little independently looking forward. They (Dutch and UK) navy people were too convinced of their truth and the world as they saw it that they didn't really pick up on the world / support for them changing & we all know what happened.

What has gone wrong sofar after the Nimrods were grounded?
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