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Mapping, Maps, Charts, GIS
FLIP Charts, etc - National Imagery and Mapping Agency - US Government

Mathematics - Background
Mechanics and Mathematics Reviews - ETPS Test Pilot Course Notes (via NTPS site)
Miscellaneous Maths - Plus site
The Math [email protected] - Ask Dr Math - Drexel Univ

Medical Matters
BMI calculator - National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

Aspects of Cloud Formation - Uni Leeds School of Earth and Environment
Flight Weather
Meteoblue - useful links - Uni Basel
Photographs - Cloud Formations - Cloud Appreciation Society
Photographs - Mammatus Cloud - Jorn Olsen
Saturated air - water vs temperature - Penn State Univ
Useful Things - Uni Wyoming

Miscellaneous Useful Sites
Alf501h's PPRuNe Website
Area Tecnica - Iberia Pilots' Website (?) - useful links similar to this thread
Currency converter - Yahoo
Useful links to other sites - AirServices Australia site
AvWeb site
Flight Safety Foundation
Index of on-line articles - Air and Space magazine - lots of useful links
RAeS homepage
RAeS Library
Smilies, All you ever wanted to know about
Thirty Thousand Feet - lots of links to other places
Wing Files - Nathan Gutierrez - similar to this thread with links to various places
World Fact Book - US Government

Mountain Wave Upsets
B707 Loss over Mt Fuji - BOAC 911 - March 1966

Aviation Formulary - Ed Williams
EGPWS Website
Great Circle Distance Calculator - Prof Stephen Emery
Great Circle Mapper - Karl L Swartz
Great Circle calculator with midpoint option - AeroPlanner
ILS Errors - B767 ILS Incident at Apia - NZ CAA Report
Lateral and Vertical Navigation - Boeing
PNR Usage - offtrack PETs & PSRs - PPRuNe thread
PNR Calculation - differing fuel flow PSRs on the circular slide rule - PPRuNe thread
Polar Route Operations - Boeing
Slide rule manuals - Eric Marcotte
Slide rules and other mathematical instruments - Chris Sangwin

Making a Quieter Jet Engine - Marcus Williams - CalTech

Noise Regulations etc
Airport Noise Regulation Information Site - Boeing

Off Aerodrome Landings/Ditchings
Ditching Myths - ETS

Operations in Adverse Weather
GA Pilot Behaviour in Adverse Weather - ARIR B2005/0127 - ATSB
Getting to grips with CAT II/III Operations - Airbus - via Wingfiles

Operations Specifications
Ops Specs Site - MMELs etc - FAA

Other Useful Pilot, etc., Sites
Code 7700
- G450 emphasis
Smart Cockpit
thirty thousand feet aviation directory
Whitt's Flying

Passenger Evacuation
A Safety Study of Evacuations of Large, Passenger-Carrying Aircraft - TSBC (Canada) Report SA9501

Aeroplane Performance - UK CAA Booklet
Aircraft Performance Data (GA) -
Aircraft Performance Database (GA) -
Aircraft Performance Database - EuroControl
Getting to Grips with Performance - Airbus (via Wingfiles - mix of pilot and engineering approach - useful pilot study paper)
Max Range & Endurance (piston) - Prof. M. Byington
Propeller Aircraft Performance - ALLSTAR
Understanding and Using Performance Data - BMAA Technical Leaflet
Level Flight Performance - USN FTM
Vx,Vy and a TechLog discussion of the above site - PPRuNe thread
Excess Power Characteristics - USN FTM

Pistons and Props
Aircraft Engine Historical Society
AvWeb's Pelican's Perch articles - John Deakin

Pitot Static Systems
Pitot Static System Performance - USN FTM

Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) - Hazards
Effects of Interference from Cellular Telephones on Aircraft Avionic Equipment - UK CAA
EMI - The Nigel's Aviation Safety Page (also has a comprehensive URL link listing for other aviation entities)
Interference from mobile phones - UK CAA Report
Interference from PEDs - Boeing

Psychology/Personality/Skills Testing/Profiling
CBT Cognitive Skills Testing - CogState Ltd
German Aerospace Centre (DLR) Site

Radar Hazards - anecdotal tales - PPRuNe thread
RAF Radar Standard Technical Training Notes (AP 3302 Pt 3) - Dick Barrett (scanning part completed)
Terminal Area Weather Radar Technique - PPRuNe thread
Weather Radar Guide - Everything Weather
WXR-700X Operating Manual Weather Radar Description - Chuck Harman
X band radar tips - PPRuNe thread

Radiation Levels
Inflight Radiation Levels - FAA CAMI Site
Radiation doses in operation, pilots & cabin crew

Radio Matters
Q Codes - Ralf D. Kloth
Radio Telephony Manual - UK CAA CAP 413
Selcal Encoders - iPhone and IPad Smartphone and tablets

Regulator/Registry Websites

Canada Regulations
India Regulator
Seattle Aircraft Evaluation Group Home Page - FAA site
US Registry
Spanish Registry
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