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Don't worry Cymmon, I know very well how to find the not-so-Island. In fact, it is the only Island that I have ever driven to! From ze frenz-zpeaking part of L'Europe even.

Anyway, Bealzebub is correct in one thing: TS did mention that he would be on a UK flight so in that part I stand corrected.

However, my point still stays that using an handheld VHF radio inside an aircraft is not necessarily forbidden. In fact, when I travel as SLF, I usually make sure I have my radio in my carry-on. One reason is that it has a LI-ION battery which I would not like to have in the cargo-hole, the other is that in the very unlikely event that a comms failure occurs, there is at least something to work with for the flight crew.

It is certified to be used in-flight so I see no reason not to use it if someone happens to be interested. In fact, when we're on the ground I often turn it on as well. You don't want to know how often I've heard:

capt to atc: we need to delay our departure
capt to passengers: ATC forces us to delay our departure.

"yeah, right".
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