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In case you missed it, the Original poster was asking a question from the basis of somebody from Scotland (a part of the UK,) who was travelling on a British airline and wanted to know if they could use their personal "airband receiver" on board the flight in order to listen to that flights airborne transmissions.

Most of the respondants will be aware that "the world is slightly larger than the UK" since clearly they travel widely within the former as well as the latter. The UK isn't in fact one island, it is a collection of islands and a part of another island that it shares with another country. Whatever it's significance to you might be, it is clearly of prime significance to the poster and to the subject of the thread.

There are many radios that present in an aircraft from time to time. For example two way radios used by ground personel on the ground, ELT devices, etc. However their use is governed by rules that pertain to specific circumstances. None of them allow the thread starter to use the radio in the manner and in the circumstances that he was hoping for.
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