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and yet there is still the odd one who can do little more than spell their own name. How can that happen?
Could it be because Mother Nature in her infinite wisdom supplies a wide spectrum of academic ability? If a population contains "90% university ready students", then either that particular population is for some demographic reason non-typical of the average, or the university system has been seriously dumbed down to accommodate such a huge majority.

If the latter, then we have the situation where many of the degrees are not worth the paper they are written on, and practically everyone has a warm (but utterly false) sense that they are doing very well. If that is what society wants, so be it, but don't complain if you are operated on by an incompetent surgeon, your legal affairs are messed up by a semi-literate lawyer, and so on. A university should remain a centre of excellence, turning out graduates able to maintain the highest standards of which humankind is capable, and this has never been the province of those who need the soft options to get their pieces of paper.
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