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On one hand, there is discussion here about the absolute necessity for pilots to exercise basic airmanship and “fly” the aircraft when automated systems degrade…but on the other hand thought is presented as to having the present degraded systems capabilities modified and “improved” so that in a degraded systems situation, “piloting responsibilities” and airmanship requirements are made less demanding by…

...the aircraft systems.


Just for information…

I’m often in a simulator by myself, doing calibrations and setups. I can get up and leave the simulator pilot seats unoccupied and the sim unfrozen in alternate law in level flight with constant thrust at high altitude, with A/P & A/T disconnected, and take a ten minute phone call in the back.

When I come back, the only significant change in conditions will be that the sim is now about 70-80 NM down the road. When I climb back in a seat, at this point I can take additional time for mental preparation.

Tolerant? Graceful?

True, it is a sim, but maybe you get the idea.
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