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Originally Posted by sensor validation
Do you get the phugoid plot purely from energy considerations assuming initial AoA correct for 1g flight?
The manoeuvre is driven entirely by AoA, assuming thrust=drag throughout. From time 0, AoA increases linearly in about 3 seconds from the 1g value of about 2.5 degrees to the stall warning threshold of about 4 degrees, and remains at S/W after that. Since I don't know alpha-prot, I used S/W instead. It varies with Mach as shown in the second graph I added in a P.S. to post #596 (p.30), together with pitch, FPA and "gee". You will note that "gee" gets close to 1.5.

P.S. The aero data are those of an A330 at 205t/37%, since I don't have these for the A340 incident.

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