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It is not really the nationality that matters, but your domicile. Anyone I know would gladly accept a pay cut and an unstable roster if able to work from home and not having to commute. (Except of the rare cases when somebody doesn't like to be at home because of a failing marriage or the like)

Also, secondary benefits, like staff travel or travel with other airlines are much less important to somebody who does not have to commute. Most of the local pilots don't mind working on a day off as they are away from home only for half a day and it gets them extra income.

Even absence of a decent crew meal is easier manageable if your wife is cooking you a lunch for work every day and you are not staying in a hotel.

Last, but not least, the taxation changes that negatively affected the expats last April actually gave the local pilots a salary raise after taxes.

That's the reason why Polish and Hungarians who work from home are generally happy and expats are generally not.

So as long as all the expats don't leave the company at once and without complying to their 4 months notice - I believe the things are going according to the plan.

These are just my thoughts - I am neither in the management nor in "the know"
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