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So there is an unlimited supply of Hungarian pilots available for immediate employment, some of them rated on the 320, and they sit around not being called?
That's correct. I'm not saying there are thousands over here with A320 type ratings but I can name a few of them personally who have applied to wizzair some time ago and still without a job. Many are waiting to join wizzair with fATPL's. I know a number of Hungarian guys personally, who are type rated on the A320, who have applied to Wizzair more than a year ago and not a sign of an interview. Recently however, a number of foreign pilots were hired to the Budapest base. I would be curious which other airline is doing the same.

Is that you say that Wizzair deliberately makes its own recruitment more difficult in order to satisfy the "preference" of some foreigner (read non Hungarian) being part of the recruitment team?
This is what I would like to know as well. A few years back Wizz did give preferance to locals, but at the moment nationality doesn't mean anything. Recruitment is done by foreigners.
(chief pilot, training manager etc).

There are lies, dirty lies and statistics. I cannot imagine there are credible Hungarian pilots with A320 type-ratings waiting for jobs at Wizz who cannot get an interview. By the way, to be a credible A320 pilot you must have some time on the aircraft - having paid for your own rating and having 40 minutes base training would not really cut it with most employers. If, however, there are locals with 1500 hours plus on type and no 'unfortunate' history, then I would be surprised to find any of them struggling to get into Wizz. I stand to be corrected - maybe someone more in the known would like to be more definitive on the subject.
These are not lies. Living here in Budapest and being in good contact with many Wizzair employees I can confirm this.
Okay, it might be true that most applicants do not have 1500 hours on the bus, but would be happy to pay for their TR any time. Wizzair also accepts non type rated applications, they always did. So you are still credible without a TR .
It is another question of course if they recieve millions of applications from experienced A320 pilots. I don't know about that.

At the end of the day I'm sure you agree that most airlines do give preference to their local pilots. This is totally fine, but this is not what's happening here at Wizzair at the moment.
It seems like they only look at experience.

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