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ATPL theory questions

I need help regarding solving of these questions,i am not able to get the concept to solve these meteorology problem,i would really appreciate if some one could help me out in these concepts

Q1. MSA given as 12000ft, flying over mountains in temperatures +9*c ,QNH set as 1023.what will the true altitude when 12000 ft is reached?
a. 11,940
b. 11,148
c. 12,210
D. 12,864
ANS -D{ plz explain.....}

Q2.Flying at FL135above the sea, the Radio altimeter indicates a true altitude of 13500ft. the local QNH is 1019hpa.hence the crossed air mass is on average,

a. At ISAstandard atmospher
b. Colder than ISA
C. Warmer than ISA
D. There is insufficient information
ANS-B{...why plz explain...}

Q3. You are flying at FL160 with an OAT OF -27*C.QNH is 1003 hpa. what is your true altitude?
a.15540 ft
b.15090 ft
c.16330 ft
d.15730 ft
ANS-B{ plz explain.....}

Q4. What is approximate vertical interval which is equal to a pressure change of 1hpa at an altitude of 5500m?
a. 8m{27ft}
b. 32m{105ft}
c. 64m{210ft}
d. 15m{50ft}
ANS-D{ plz explain...}.

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