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As an ex-pat arriving back, the UK now is not a very welcoming experience. Most of the time I use Luton because it is very convenient for me and the immigration area is so depressing. I have been very lucky recently and not had to wait very long at all but the immigration staff seem very surly and like the deli counter at most supermarkets there seems to be more people chatting behind the desks than actually checking passports. The only possible answer is more staff with all booths manned but in this economic climate not a hope.
I find it rather sad that a British citizen seems to be treated in such a way in their own country - nowhere is there ''WELCOME TO THE UK'' so most of us living out side of it say ''YOUR WELCOME TO IT'' especially if you have just travelled across Europe with no restrictions - re the Schengen Agreement.
Just as an aside have you ever come through the port of Dover - now there is an experience to behold - you thought Luton was dark and unwelcoming try Dover - what the European motorists think of it I shudder to think.
Early morning rant over. Feel much better now!
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