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Originally Posted by gatbusdriver View Post
But you must give the majority of us credit for the fact that we do not hand fly into busy TMA's, we do not hand fly through bad weather/around bad weather, and most probably do not hand fly in IMC.
Believe me I do - in fact I'd be mortified to think I'd implied otherwise!

We do not do it because we can't, but for the fact that monitoring becomes a much more important task during these times. Good pilots know how to manage workload as well as many other things, and as such hand fly at appropriate times.
Absolutely. That thread I linked to contained some information that I frankly found frightening regarding how some operations were making junior F/Os worried about hand-flying the aircraft under pressure from the business to keep costs down, and I wondered then as I do now what's going to happen when those junior F/Os become Captains in due course.
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