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Originally Posted by DozyWannabe
The troubleshooting role becomes a lot easier to play when you're not trying to manually handle the jet at the same time. Again, I think that parcticing handflying in a troubleshooting situation should definitely be part of recurrent training, but in these modern times that also belongs in the simulator.
I agree and that brings us back to my thread starter:
Originally Posted by Company's OM

Policy for Use of Automation during Flight

Generally, automatic mode should be selected for cruise flight. In abnormal situations,
automatic capabilities should be used as much as possible, in order to minimise flight deck
If in climb or approach, workload, weather conditions and crew fatigue permit, pilots
may fly manually in order to maintain their basic flying skills
But I also agree with Tee Emm when he says "I honestly don't mean to denigrate your sentiments but I believe you do need to have been a jet transport pilot with both significant hand flying and automatic pilot monitoring experience to understand the subject under discussion. "

No offence intended, so please don't take it as such. I don't know your background (nothing in your profile) but unless you have spent considerable time on an airliner flight deck, an even if you made a good post, you're not in a good position to fully understand the subject.

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