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Airport, Airline, etc., Code/Decodes etc.
Airline/Airport Codes etc. - Douglas Holland's website
Airline Info Database - The Mueller Quadrant
Airport Details - Basic (IATA/ICAO codes, lat/long, elevation, runway lengths) - ARG
Airport identifier encode - Prof Stephen Emery

Airport Engineering
Airport Design - Prof Stephen Emery
Airport Technology Site - Boeing
New Aircraft Characteristics Related to Airport Planning - Uni Calgary
Runway Foaming - FAA Certalert 02-04

Technical Airworthiness Familiarisation Course - RCAF

Air Traffic Control
North Atlantic Program Co-ordination Office - ICAO
Pans-Ops (Large PDF file)

New Zealand
Russian AIP

Almanac Calculator - Brian Casey

Astronavigation and Astronautics
Astronavigation - Peck/Purdue ?
Definitions of Astronomical Events - GeoScience Australia
(Sun)rise, Set, and Twilight Definitions - USNO

Atmospheric Optics
Atmospheric Optics - Les Cowley - unusual inflight pix always welcomed by email

Cabin/Cabin Attendents/Passengers
Fog in the Cabin - Airbus

Circuit Breakers
The Deliberately Weak Link in the Electrical Chain - Transport Canada article via Michael Murphy's site

Climb Performance - USN FTM

Cockpit Design and Philosophy
Less Paper in the Cockpit Concept - Airbus

Cold Weather Operation
Altimeter Corrections (part of RAC 9) - Transport Canada
Altimeter Errors at Cold Temperatures - draft FAA AC
Getting to Grips with Cold Weather Operations - Airbus
Polar Routes - Boeing
The Chilling Result of Cold Temperatures on Barometric Altimeters - FSF report

Computers ... and Problems
Computer-Related Incidents with Commercial Aircraft - Univ. Bielefeld - Faculty of technology
Flight Crew Reliance on Automation - CAA Paper 2004/10
Flight Deck Automation Issues - Oregon State Univ/Research Integrations, Inc

Commuter Category Notes
FAA Memo on SFAR 41

Concorde PPRuNe thread

Confidential Reporting Systems

Conflict Resolution
Addressing Interpersonal Conflict - Carter MacNamara - MAPNP

Corrosion Problems
Corrosion Control for Aircraft - AvStop Magazine
Corrosion - The Insidious Foe - AvStop Magazine
Note on Mercury Corrosion of Aluminium - Dr Barry Ornitz

CRM Reports of Note
Please refer to the "Safety, CRM, and QA" Forum for numerous CRM references
Error Tolerant Crew Procedures - Steve Last
Evolution of CRM Training in Commercial Aviation - RAeS HFG - UTA Paper
Evolution of CRM Training in Commercial Aviation - Helmreich, Merritt, and Wilhelm - UTA paper
Methods Used to Evaluate the Effectiveness of .. - UK CAA SRG Paper 2002/05
Reasons for the Failure of CRM Training in Aviation - Johnson Uni Glasgow paper
Threat Error Management - ICAO

Crosswind Operations
Landing Techniques - Crosswind Landings - Airbus FOBN

Decision Making
Pilot Decision Making - Transport Canada

De-Icing/Anti-Icing Fluids - Boeing
De-Icing Forum - Aviation Ground Support Equipment site
Holdover times - links - Transport Canada

Descent Performance - USN FTM

Dictionaries, Quotations, etc
Babel Fish - phrase translator - AltaVista
Dictionary/Thesaurus - - translations

Disorientation - or; Whose Gyros Do You Trust ? - CAMI - FAA
Spatial Disorientation - Seeing is Not Believing - CAMI - FAA

Diversions - Technical - For Those Dreadfully Slow Wet Afternoons on Airport Standby
Clock Watching - Yugo Nakamura ?
IQ Tests - Tickle Your Brain Website

Environmental Concerns
The Environmental Effects of Civil Aircraft in Flight - Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution

Ethics Courses in Engineering - Texas A&M University


Aircrew Fatigue - CAA Paper 2005-04
Fatigue Countermeasures Group - NASA

Fire and Smoke
Response to In-Flight (Cabin) Smoke - Boeing
Cargo Smoke and Fire - C/D/E Compartments - Boeing
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