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Does the BBC have some special interest in promoting the global warming fallacy

The BBC Pension Trust is worth about £8 billion while its mainstream operations are struggling to reverse an estimated £2billion deficit as reported on last weekend by that fine journalist and writer, James Delingpole of the ‘Telegraph.’

The BBC’s handsome pension pot is invested in the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) alongside another 50 plus member funds. The total assets of this consortium is around €4trillion (Euros) that, in turn is invested in a larger consortium known as ‘UNEP FI’ worth about $15 trillions (US).

The chairman of IIGCC and BBC head of pensions investment Peter Dunscombe said:

“The credibility of emissions trading schemes would be greatly improved with a robust price signal as well as clear and frequent communication from the regulator on trading data and improved transparency over direct government participation in schemes.”
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