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As usual, Simonpro exhibits selective blindness to contents of a message. Read the link, understand what it says and comment. It's in simple english.
Sigh, we've discussed this before. Why should I respond to everything? I'm not paid to respond to posts on here, I do so because it's interesting. Pointless blogs don't interest me so I'm not reading them. If you don't like that then you're more than welcome to employ me to respond to all of your posts.

You know, theory you praised to sky in these very boards?
I think you'll find that I haven't done that. Just because I don't go around shouting and moaning about the IPCC doesn't mean that I worship the AGW theory, y'know.

Hell, a witch doctor has more credibiity than IPCC as he doesn't bullshit that his work is entirely based on " peer reviewed " and published science.
In that case can you find some examples of non-peer reviewed science that has been included in the IPCC WGI report? I asked that a few months ago and received no response.
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