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Does anybody out there really think that a computer model can predict temperature accurate to the same level in 10/20/50/100 years hence?
The computer models are used to predict changes in temperature, not absolute temperature. This is discussed in the IPCC WGI report, which it's probably wise to read before trying to debate the subject.
Also, clinical thermometers are rather inaccurate, a field-grade thermometer can measure to thousandths of a degree. An experimental thermometer to several orders of magnitude better than that.

Do I want these governments making political decisions that will potentially ruin my childrens financial futures? NO!
Who else, apart from the politicians, should be making political decisions? It's your government, maybe you should vote for a different one next time.

All I know is that there are figures produced by scientists which prove global warming/climate change and that humans are the root cause of it.
Would you mind showing us one of these figures that says humans are the "root cause"?

Totally agree with that. IPCC has completely lost it's credibility and is not to be trusted on anything they say.
Not like those anonymous bloggers who endlessly post about climate change, eh?
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