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ACAS II/TCAS II Contents Page - Eurocontrol ACAS Program
Honeywell TCAS II User Guide

Aileron as an aid to recovery from the spin - NACA TN776
Comparison of model and full scale spin test results for 60 airplane designs - NACA TN2134
Flight investigation of stall, spin, and recovery ... low wing, single engine, T-tail, light aircraft - NASA TP2427
Tail design requirements for satisfactory spin recovery - NACA TN1045

Advanced Topics in Aerodynamics - Dr Antonio Filippone
Aerodynamics Index - Glenn Research Center - NASA
AllStar Network
Aerodynamics for students - Doug Auld - Univ of Sydney
Applied Aerodynamics: A Digital Textbook - Desktop Aeronautics, Inc.
B1 Shocks - photograph
FoilSim Glen Research Center - NASA
Reducing Induced Drag - Aviation Intranet

Ageing Aircraft Problems
Ageing - The Electrical Connector: Part 2 - Airbus

Airbus Fly-By-Wire Technology
Airbus Fly-By-Wire Aircraft at a Glance
Training Philosophy for Protected Aircraft in Emergency Situations - Airbus FBW Philosophies

Aircraft Accident Investigation
AAIU - Ireland
Aircraft Accident and Incident Notification, Investigation, and Reporting - FAA Order 8020.11B
ANSV - Italy
ATSB - Australia
Ministerio de Fomento - Spain
NTSB Aviation Site - USA
NTSB Investigation Guides - USA
Dutch Safety Board
TSB - Canada

Aircraft Accident Statistics
WAAS Data - Airclaims/FAA
NTSB Databases

Aircraft Accident Reports, Commentaries, etc.
Accident and Other Videos - Alexis Park Inn site
Aviation Safety Network
Cessna 404 - Glascow - September 1999 - Confusing failure indications
Kegworth - B734 - G-OBME - 08Jan89 - UK AAIB
Trident - Staines - June 1972 - Inappropriate Flap Retraction and Stall
Historical US accident reports (1934-1965) - US DOT

Aircraft Civil Registers
UK Register

Aircraft Design, Construction and Testing
AC 43.13-1B 'Aircraft Inspection, Repair and Alterations' (ToC and download links) - FAA
AC 65-9A 'Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics General Handbook' (download links) - FAA
Aircraft Design and Construction - Zenith Aircraft Company
Airfoil Section Database - Prof Kevin D Jones - USN Academy
AUF Website
BMAA Technical Data - BMAA
ESDU Data Sheets etc - limited non-subscriber access - ESDU
Muroc EAA Chapter 1000 Site - lots of useful links and things
NASG Airfoil Database - Nihon University
PFA Engineering Page - Popular Flying Association
Prelim Calcs - Neal Willford/EAA (download)
Repair Fasteners - Airbus
UIUC Airfoil Database

Aircraft Engines
Aircraft Engine Design - Jack Mattingly

Aircraft Fleet Status
Commercial Jet Aircraft Census - Bill Harms - also has lists of codes and abbreviations

Aircraft and Other Equipment Sites (Manufacturer/specific Types/Models)
Aircraft Study Guides - Airplane Driver's Network
AOPA Aircraft Data Page
The Unofficial Airbus Study Site - Bob Sanford
B707 Site - Boeing
B717 Site - Boeing
B727 Site - Boeing
B737 Information Site - Chris Brady
B737 Classic Site - Boeing
B737 Site - Boeing
B747 Classic Site - Boeing
B747 Site - Boeing
B757 Site - Boeing
B757/767 Training - American Airlines Flavours - Chuck Harman
B767 Site - Boeing
B777 Site - Boeing
DC8 Site - Boeing
DC9 Site - Boeing
DC-10 Site - Boeing
Harrier site
Manufacturer Link Page -
MD-11 Site - Boeing
MD-80/90 Site - Boeing
MyBoeingFleet Guest Tour - operator-restricted password access - Boeing
Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A site
Rest of the World Military Aircraft - FAS

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