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Lonewolf, to be frank I can't opine if the ocean absorption has reached it's limit. It's my opinion that ocean heat content is basically due to absorption of the incoming shortwave radiation from the sun. That's the only radiation which can penetrate deep. So it's the sun's activity which determines ocean heat content.

But the AGW theory is predicated on oceans absorbing the back radiation due to CO2 and getting heated. This makes no sense in terms of physics as the back radiation emitted due to CO2 is long wave radiation and cannot penetrate deep into the water. That's why Trenberth and Hansen's postulated missing heat has not been found till date. Argo measurements upto 700 feet have not shown any missing heat residing there.

Now coming to CO2, if you look at purely water and CO2, cold water absorbs CO2 and heating the water causes CO2 to be emitted, like you see in a carbonated drink bottle.

So the fact is that extra CO2 being absorbed by the oceans and causing oceans to " acidify dangerously" itself is questionable hypothesis which is unproven. And the AGW crowd also say that human emitted CO2 stays for a " long time " in the atmosphere and causes warming in the upper troposphere. That projected heat is also missing as per empirical evidence.

Now, logically either CO2 stays in atmosphere or gets absorbed by water. It can't do both to dangerous levels, causing " ocean acidification " and also stay for long time in the atmosphere and cause warming. You can't have it both ways, that too with only the human element of CO2. Yet, the AGW crowd claim that all the time.

Lastly, like " climate change " being a deliberately misused word to signify something else, which is warming due to human emitted CO2, " ocean acidification " is also a term deliberately misused to signify a slight reduction in alkalinity. Oceans are never acidic. They are always alkaline. But the AGW edifice is based on these kinds of semantics intended to deceive and questionable models and hypotheses which are not supported by empirical evidence.
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